Family Planning
How much does it cost to have a baby? Recent studies have determined, after factoring for inflation, that the average cost to raise a childis a whopping $245,000. That estimate only includes infancy through age 18, and does not take college costs or other post-college expenses into consideration. $245,000 per child is a staggering number […]

Life Planning for Beginners

between the cracks
I wonder how many people exist in this world that feel as if there is no help, no resource, no way to improve their life?  Possible more than wish to be known.  Each time something pops up that sounds or reads like it will cure the problem, grabbing it like a life line, only to […]

“Falling between the cracks.”

code of ethics
As a recovering woman the years have brought me many challenges.  Always in search of the easier, softer way, I have discovered the direct path works every time.  When we seek to “fix,” rather than experience our lives become complicated.  Problems are a natural part of our lives.  However, lessons in coping with the many […]

Do you have a Personal Code of Ethics?

A couple of weeks ago I received a request to assist in getting this information out to those that are seeking.  The following list concerns Seniors, Medicare, addiction, and suggestions, tips on how to get through the system to find what you require.  Whether it is for yourself or a loved one the following resources […]

Aging is a Major Lifestyle Change
In searching for something new and different to write about, I came across National Sorry Day, a national holiday in Australia on May 26. The holiday is intended to apologize for the Stolen Generations of Indigenous Australian peoples who were removed from their homes and separated from their families. On this day the Aboriginal flag […]

Australia’s National Sorry Day, May 26