Introduction The link between mental health disorders and substance abuse is becoming more apparent. About 33% of people who combat a psychiatric disorder also battle substance abuse, and over half the people who are addicted to drugs also have a psychiatric disorder. With a raised awareness comes an increase in ways for victims to treat […]

Missing the Link: Dual Diagnosis Recovery Programs
This is something I truly believe we can heal, prevent, and cure:  Cancer.  Because of that I offer the following post for your reading.  I do hope you will join me at the Live Summit. From The Truth About Cancer: An investment in your health is the greatest thing you can ever do in your […]

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium!
  Mental illness and addiction often go hand-in-hand. Most commonly, the addiction has emerged as a result of self-medication for the mental illness in place of proper treatment. Substance abuse can appear to help a person cope with their mental illness, but in actuality is often aggravating the symptoms in the long run. Though self-medication […]

4 Mental Illnesses with a High Risk of Addiction

Know a veteran in need of help?
The Veteran Population The veteran population is one of the most at-risk for several types of mental illness, many of which go untreated. The various wars our country has been involved with over the past half-century have left many veterans mentally scarred, and understandably. In Vietnam veterans, mental health treatment may be more stigmatized, causing […]

5 Common Mental Health Problems in Veterans

How to Help Veterans with Mental Health Disorders
How to Help a Veteran In the United States, there are more than 21 million veterans, the majority of who deal with the unfortunate aftermath of their time in the field. The experience of war is devastating, and can leave veterans feeling emotionally unstable, which can develop into mental health issues. Many struggle in returning […]

How to Help a Veteran Struggling with Mental Health Issues

With the new changes to social security nearly upon us there is an influx of information, resources, offerings, and much more placed before us.  Information overload is putting it mildly.  Overwhelm is a bit closer to reality. It is our job to sort it all out and make sense of what is relevant, what is […]

Social Security Changes and You

between the cracks
I wonder how many people exist in this world that feel as if there is no help, no resource, no way to improve their life?  Possible more than wish to be known.  Each time something pops up that sounds or reads like it will cure the problem, grabbing it like a life line, only to […]

“Falling between the cracks.”

live gratitude
During one of my journal writing mornings about all that is wrong in my life, a quiet thought crept in as I took a sip of my coffee: Be Grateful. Gratitude is easy to acquire, requires very little practice. Yet is amazing to me how no one seems to really understand the phrase. We give […]

Live Gratitude

With the financial stress of paying for the holidays, rent, debts, and just feeding yourself the last thing money will go to is seeing a therapist or psychologist. At least for many that do not have insurance to cover the cost. Yet this is where a large chunk goes each month for many. Mental illness […]

Self-Help Resource Development

Reiki written in Japanese
Before I began learning about healing modalities and spiritual paths, I was desperate for a solution that would cure me. Medically and psychologically there is no cure for what ails me. Sadly, the damage is done. Well at least according to the modern medicine way of thinking. In short I was diagnosed with Chronic Posttraumatic […]

What is Reiki?