Depression and Fatigue: A Vicious Cycle. This article explains and answers a few questions regarding the difference between depression and chronic fatigue. Despite the fact they do go hand in hand. Fatigue is a component to depression, especially when insomnia occurs. The brain fog, the difficulty focusing, no energy to do anything. Let me know […]

Depression and Fatigue: A Vicious Cycle

code of ethics
As a recovering woman the years have brought me many challenges.  Always in search of the easier, softer way, I have discovered the direct path works every time.  When we seek to “fix,” rather than experience our lives become complicated.  Problems are a natural part of our lives.  However, lessons in coping with the many […]

Do you have a Personal Code of Ethics?

A couple of weeks ago I received a request to assist in getting this information out to those that are seeking.  The following list concerns Seniors, Medicare, addiction, and suggestions, tips on how to get through the system to find what you require.  Whether it is for yourself or a loved one the following resources […]

Aging is a Major Lifestyle Change

Spirituality, spiritual practices, what are they?  How would you define Spirituality? Google Trends shows the search for the term spirituality at its highest in 2004.  Today it is barely a word used in search terms.  Yet, when you do conduct a Google search the links are extensive.  The first page of the search shows educational […]

Spiritual Practice & Spirituality

In researching resources for caregivers, another aspect to my life, I came across a forum for caregivers to post their questions and receive support. The majority of the questions posed are in relation to the relationship between parent and child, with the child now being the primary caregiver. A rough transition. There are two sides […]

Caregiving and Recovery
In searching for something new and different to write about, I came across National Sorry Day, a national holiday in Australia on May 26. The holiday is intended to apologize for the Stolen Generations of Indigenous Australian peoples who were removed from their homes and separated from their families. On this day the Aboriginal flag […]

Australia’s National Sorry Day, May 26

The Emergency & Recovery Resources has a new Suicide Prevention Resource. The article is explanatory and offers further resources for teachers, parents, friends, students, and other professionals on how to identify suicide symptoms and hopefully intervene to prevent it. This resource was brought to me by the mother of a young girl who recently lost […]

Suicide Prevention Resources

In 2009 a man named Darius Barazandeh started the first Intention Energy Circle of its kind. It started by first gathering world-class doctors, authors, and spiritual masters to teach their secrets every day on a live tele-seminar. But then things got deeper, and before each call, Darius began taking the first 10 minutes to set […]

There is Still time to Join the Intention Energy Circle

Developing a spiritual path is rewarding, though not always easy. The belief that once drugs, alcohol, self-abusive behaviors, and other forms of addictions are removed life becomes easier magically appears. There are many who are convinced that it is the drugs, alcohol, or other substances that is the root of all his or her problems. […]

Ponder This: Beliefs

“And acceptance is the key to all my problems. When I am disturbed it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation-some fact of my life-unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be […]

Acceptance is Key