Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

A Spiritual Paradigm’s Services

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Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching

What is Spiritual Life Coaching, or lifestyle coaching?

Spiritual lifestyle coaching includes guidance in examining  beliefs, offering another way of looking at, perceiving, and understanding the world and you as an integral part. Through lifestyle coaching you may create a new set of skills and the tools to enhance them thereby creating the desired life. 

Spirituality is a personal choice, it is not necessarily connected to religion, though many religious people are very spiritual. Religion is an organization, spirituality is a way of being.

Spiritual lifestyle coaching offers a unique approach to the daily problems each person experiences in his or her life.

Not sure if lifestyle coaching is right for you?  Let’s connect to chat.

You deserve to be treated as an individual. To have your uniqueness catered to and encouraged. 

My calling is to guide you to recognize your uniqueness.  Through adapting plans to fit your current lifestyle you will successfully make the changes you desire. 

Join me on a journey into a new perspective and find the answers you desire.  Contact me today to discuss a plan that fits your current lifestyle to include the changes you wish to make.

Are you an addiction/alcohol counselor or other working in a supportive industry?  I offer services to those who are just beginning and those who are finding it challenging even after a few years.  You do not have to face them alone.

Contact me today,  discuss any questions you have, find out if you can work with me.  This is not a forever choice.  Whether it is one session or a dozen, the final goal is to prepare you to be that guide for others.  Find out what you can accomplish in a few weeks.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is the Universal energy force everyone on this planet has access to. It is free energy, circulating, always on the move and never ending. It is said that Mikao Usui discovered it in 1922 after fasting and meditating for 21 days. The traditional Reiki is named after him, Usui Reiki. There are hundreds of publications, websites, and classes available for those interested in learning more about this great man and his teachings. Since the first Reiki healing session conducted by Sensi Usui, several modalities of Reiki have been developed.  Karuna, Gendai, Rainbow,  Kundalini, and my teacher developed Practical Reiki, to list but a few.  There are more types of Reiki than counted to date.

I am certified and trained in Kundalini and Practical Reiki, and practice variations of these two systems to bring healing to your life, incorporating Lifestyle Coaching. All sessions are conducted remotely. Video chat is available…

Upon payment you will receive a thank you email, followed by instructions on when and how to receive your first session. Including a link to join me in a video chat or audio, or other forms of communication.  The choice is yours.

All coaching sessions may be conducted through email, or if you prefer a more personal touch, chat or video call. 

Contact me to Order your first 4 sessions for $175.00, plus one free, new clients only. I will provide you instructions upon receipt of payment to begin your sessions.

12-Step Recovery Path

I believe in life after the 12-steps. Once you have worked through the 12-steps with a sponsor, I will guide you in finding another level of recovery with the spiritual principles and how they apply to all areas of your life. This is where lifestyle coaching is essential. This road of recovery is not meant to travel alone. I will guide you to create your own village.

The seventh step prayer used in Alcoholics Anonymous when completing the seventh step.  Lifestyle coaching for recovery incorporates the spiritual principles of the 12-steps.
7th Step prayer used in Alcoholics Anonymous when working the 7th Step

Sobriety and recovery are not the same. There are many attending 12-step meetings that have remained sober for double digits, yet they continue to practice the same belief systems. That works for them. Then there are those who seek to move beyond that which was and create the change they seek. If you are one of those driven to go beyond 12-step, let’s chat.

The recovery path is beyond the 12-steps. The Big Book of A.A. discusses seeking professional help beyond the rooms of A.A. Finding a coach that can assist you in guidance and challenging those old beliefs is not simple, yet possible. I found a professional that was a terrific guide. I offer you similar guidance and support.

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