Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Living a Spiritual Life

Basics for living a spiritual life are simple, it seems human nature to complicate it, determining a level of difficulty and seeking some way to measure it. Learning to keep life on a spiritual level takes practice, a desire to live in harmony and peace. A spiritual life requires desire, love, patience, practice, patience, and practice. Repetition? Yes. Practice and patience are both important to developing a spiritual path, without them it is easy to quit. It would seem that patience is one of the most difficult attributes to develop, living in a world seeking instant gratification it is habit to seek instant results. This is not possible with a spiritual life, developing a routine to follow each day develops a pattern of living resulting in manifesting all you seek.

There are several books and videos published that speak of manifesting through desire, what none of them tell you is it is a way of life, not an instant fix. The requirement is practice, daily use, belief in spirit, universe, and most importantly you, that you deserve the items of your desire. Living a spiritual life will create the results you seek, bringing you success in your manifestations. It is not the only way to manifest, to find the results you desire, but it is in this writer’s opinion a bit easier.

With a spiritual life there is solidity, calm, confidence, passion, less reactive living and more active living. The answers that were elusive appear clearly, fears melt away, pain and grief heal, forgiveness is automatic, you find a life that is difficult to truly imagine. The anger begins to melt away, old pains heal, the nightmares dwindle to nothing, dreams are filled with hope not dread.

I repeat this is not for those seeking instant gratification, because it will not happen. Building a place of spirit takes daily practice, regular meditation, calm music, laughter, desire, belief will happen, most important of all these is desire. With desire you can do anything, desire is the fuel to success if you use it wisely. Frustration and irritation will be companions in your journey as long as you own them, rather than ignore these moods, acknowledge their existence, accept the emotion, then change it. “I am frustrated, ready to quite, this is too hard, I cannot do it.” Yes, all this is true, but it is not valid. This too shall pass. “I am able to accomplish everything I desire, it is not too hard, it feels this way now because I am just beginning.” Use your own words, but change the message, accept the negative to embrace the positive. Because if feels difficult does not mean it is, you are learning, I am learning. Practice makes perfect.

You can do this, you are not alone. I will travel this journey with you. You are in my prayers daily, here is to your success.