Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.


If you do not keep a journal I suggest you do. A journal is a great way to discover progress and patterns in your life you may decide to enhance or remove. A journal is yours, to write in any way you see fit, there are no hard or fast rules, but there are as many suggestions as there are people who use them.

Journals are a spoken or written monologue, a way of following your own life, or sharing with someone else. The types of journals I have utilized are work, recovery, school, personal, and as a story to pass on.

A work journal is an effective tool as a new employee, taking notes about the unwritten rules as you learn them, official conversations, operating procedures, and if you are in sales, tracking contacts. This is just a short list of what a work journal may include, though heed a word of warning, never put anything in a work journal you would not want someone to read. Save that sort of journal for your personal journal, write about the good, bad and ugly of daily life, this is an effective tool for writing out a problem, the terrific occurrences in your life like the birth of your children and getting married.

A personal journal is constructed of written monologue, tell a story about your day, be creative, or not. Write without judgments, opinions, free style writing is effective because you uncover more that if you are consciously writing. A personal journal is a tool for you to use as a way of creating a healthier life, vent, storm, cry, then seek a solution, include your victories.

Each of the other forms of journals follow the same format, keep track of your daily life, utilize writing as a way of reinforcing you memory at school or work. Keep a journal for new tasks you are learning, use pictures and words to remember. Let the pages inform you of what greatness you are achieving each day. Be creative, but let it flow without reservation or great thought. Journals are a self-dialog, opening the door to your inner self, your higher knowing and connecting with spirit.

Stuck with putting pen to paper, yet feel you must get into the habit? Then try these steps, first writing in a journal should not be a chore, a have to do, it should be a tool to guide you in your life. Journaling is not a strict requirement, take the work out of it, make it fun. Decorate your journal with personal drawings, magazine pictures, be creative. Next write your name and the date you are beginning your journal. Put a favorite quote on the first page, perhaps include a picture of you, your pet, or a sunset, be creative. Once this is done, pick a place to write, make it a sanctuary, your personal space, include candles, incense, or choose the things that help you to feel safe. Make your first entry about the purpose of this journal, include what you hope to gain and anything else that comes to mind. Each day make a ritual of journaling, when you do not feel you have anything to say then write that. Date each journal entry.

Perhaps start your journal entry with a question, why the question is important, and any feelings that may accompany it. Follow this with any thoughts that pop into your mind, feelings and where they occur in your body. Do not analyze, just listen, maybe close your eyes for a moment and listen to your breath entering your body slowly and leaving it slowly. The open your eyes and write the first thing that comes to mind, if it does not fit with what you began with then begin a new paragraph. Write for about a page, some days you will find you have much more to say, others not so much. Do not analyze, just follow the flow. In the next thirty days you will find a change occurring in your life, perhaps finding answers intuitively, just knowing without having to think on it.

Remember a personal journal is yours, a work journal is yours but it is intended for work, to help you learn your job, improve it, and perhaps pass on what you learned to the next person coming in behind you. Journals are a great tool to free you of the burdens that ruminating and holding on to anger can bring into your life. Shed the negative and develop the positive, let spirit be heard, learn to listen through your journals.

Bright Blessings abound for you and yours. God & Goddess Blessings!

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