Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer | The Shift

Today I am sharing something I believe can make a difference in your life, this is the complete information. I have enjoyed Dr Wayne Dyer’s books and lectures, finding inspiration and the answers to questions I did not even know I had yet. I hope you find as much inspiration from this set as I will.

Wayne Dyer - The Shift
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All of us on this glorious human voyage into adulthood have to make some shifts, or transitions, during
the trip. Hopefully, we will go beyond the first two mandatory ones (from Spirit to form and from form to ego-driven ambition) and move on to those shifts in consciousness that lead to a life filled with purpose.

The Shift
—a companion book to the movie of the same name—illustrates how and why to make the move from ambition to meaning.

Such a shift eliminates our feelings of separateness, illuminates our spiritual connectedness, and involves moving from the ego-directed morning into the afternoon of life where everything is primarily influenced by purpose.

As we contemplate leaving the morning of our life, where ego has played a commanding role, and entering the afternoon (and evening), where meaning and purpose replace ambition and struggle, we may encounter unexpected occurrences that accompany this new direction. It’s almost a universal law that we’ll experience a fall of some kind. Yet these falls or low points provide the energy we need to move away from ego and into a life of meaning and purpose.

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The Shift
doesn’t mean that we lose our drive and ambition; it signifies that we become ambitious about something new. We make a commitment to living a life based on experiencing meaning and feeling purposeful, rather than never-ending demands and false promises that are the trademark of the ego’s agenda.

We can fulfill our greatest calling when we consciously undertake the journey From Ambition To Meaning. We can transform our individual lives and, as an additional bonus, influence the destiny of our sacred planet as well.

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