Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Conversations with God (Trilogy) Book Review

The Conversations with God, Book 1 was recommended to me shortly after it was published in 1996, but this was a time of searching to find a God I could do business with, meaning I was not interested in reading someone else’s story. It was over the next four or five years that I discovered the rage I felt with God, at least the Southern Baptist version of God. Many years of prayer passed until one day I came across the title again during a book search. This time I took heed and purchased the book. I was surprised to discover a dialogue that sounded palatable, believable. It was as if Neale Donald Walsch and God were talking about and to me.

Neale Donald Walsch tells a bit about his life in the first book, his disappointments, anger, discouragement, resentments, and how he began the dialogue that was published in three books. The conversation begins with Walsch sitting down with pencil and paper and writing an angry letter to God. Something I had done just a few days before and again three or four more times since. I discovered that it was safe to be angry with God, to tell him how angry and hurt I was. Eventually I was able to listen and hear that he had never deserted me, that each time I cried out to her, she was there.

The Conversations with God Trilogy covers every topic there seems to be on the face of this earth in a way that is not blasphemous, dangerous, or insane. Though one with hate and doubt could find the insanity if sought. It could be debunked just as anything can be. But the message in these books, especially in the first book is the belief that God does listen, care, responds, and is not judgmental as most want to believe. It brought home for me the belief I held for many years, that God could not be so hateful as to condemn his Children. That God is what we choose to make her.

Reading this book several times over the past 10 years has brought me peace, guiding me to believe once again in a Divine presence. Since we live in a dual world it was alright to return to the childhood beliefs of a God and Goddess, the Divine Mother and Father. This is one of a few books that began a journey to a Divine Power that is far removed from the beliefs of others, that of a vengeful and hateful god that would let me suffer at the hands of man and woman. Guiding me to understand that as humans we were gifted with the greatest power of all: Choice. The result of Free Will. This translates to because we each have free will, the power to choose, she could not have stopped the horrors in my life, but sent me the messengers and guides, bringing me to this day. There are times I wish I would have known then what I know now. I could have asked and received peace, protection, healing.

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I recommend this book to anyone seeking to find a Divine Presence that is not one of hate, disdain, punishment. When read with an open mind and willingness to listen beyond one’s history, the messages written in Conversations with God is clear.

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