Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

The Blame Game.

Cleaning out the junk on my thumb drive again. I am a collector, hold on to something for awhile to consider its usefulness. Use to be I held on forever, now I have learned to set some rules and do well by them. That is not what this is about, so will cover that later.

For now the note I came across was a copy of a post I added to a discussion about Satan and how “he” is to blame for the “evil” in this world. The writer asked if man could be to blame for his actions or if Satan is. I wrote a bit about the topic of blame:

“Blame is a human trait, it has always been easier to lay blame elsewhere rather than take responsibility for the final action. A person can be influenced, given ideas, feel the emotions that reside with the thoughts, but “Free Will” leaves the responsibility for the final act upon the person. When he or she indulges in an act that is destructive or constructive it is his or her responsibility. Blame cannot be passed to someone else, not logically. We are born into a world filled with both good and bad, it is a dual world, there is not one without the other. How boring would it be if all there were was hate or love. We are given a gift of choice, the power lies within self. If we conduct ourselves in a manner as taught, then it is ultimately the teaching that will govern. Can you honestly say that you have not been introduced to ideas outside of your belief system and chosen to not follow that path?

I was told a few years back that the final decision to action rests on me. That to make a healthy choice I needed to gain all the information available. Not live blindly. My choice is to be a participant or a passenger. I choose participant, because when I choose passenger yes I can blame others for my life, but I have surrendered to others, giving them control over me. This is the evil in the world, those who fear change, who fear standing alone until like minds come together. This is the epitome of Satan and all the concept represents.

Satan is a warning to not become lazy, to not live in blindness allowing others to influence your behavior. It is the concept of what is unwelcome in this world, the events and emotions we who choose Free Will seek to avoid. Satan is hunger, rape, murder, war, slovenliness, greed, and the other deadly sins. Satan is not a him or her, not one person, but a concept for the ugliness in this world. An escape goat for all that is wrong in this world.

I have lived both sides of the fence, I am not casting stones since I live in a glass house. This is what my life has brought me to know and understand.”

Now here is one of many points I wish to bring up, consider this story:

A few years ago I entered into a recovery contract from drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and childhood maltreatment. In the beginning I saw everything in my life as other centered, said “if only” a billion times, sought to find a reason that my life was unmanageable, since I knew instinctively that drugs and alcohol were a symptom of something deeper.

One day during one of my many diatribes a friend asked me if I believed in God, “yes, I do.” Then to believe in God means that I must also believe in “Free Will.” Explain this please. “Free Will” is the gift God gave us at creation, the ability to choose between good and bad, right and wrong, cold and hot, war and peace, etc. You get the picture. Alright, so where does that fit into my life? “Free will means that I am responsible for every action that happens in my life. What I have done is learned, the behaviors, thoughts, are all learned based upon the experiences and information given me. So if it can be learned, then it can be unlearned, replaced with beneficial behaviors and thoughts.” Alright, so far I get it. “Then if you have FREE WILL how can you blame Satan for what happens in your life? You said yes to temptation, you accepted the thought offered and followed through with it. God is not to blame, nor is Satan.”

The Blame Game. I am not responsible for my actions or thoughts, attitudes or events in my life. I did not do it, it is God’s fault, it is Satan’s fault, it is my parent’s fault, it is my neighbor’s or boss’s fault. It is never my fault, I have no ability to control, to choose, to think, without influence from some one else. Get it so far?

Now that is not to say that someone with a mental illness, birth defect, etc is to blame for their condition. That is not what this is about so please let that aspect of life alone. This is about the person who in one breath can say stop blaming the other person for the mess your life is in and take responsibility and then in that same breath begin blaming someone else for the events in his or her life.

There is a certain level of responsibility everyone needs to be aware of. Learning to listen is the ultimate goal, listen to self. Write a journal, let the words pour freely. Then go back and read it. Ask important questions. The next time you whine and complain state that is what this is about. I want to whine and complain, then I will take a look at my part.

Be honest, Satan and God are not to blame for your life. “When I was a child I thought as a child,…” a short quote from Jesus’s lectures. As an adult you have the ability to seek out the resources to change your thoughts, beliefs, and way of life. So make a decision to be the change in the world you need and want.

Blessings, and feel free to share your thoughts on the topic. NO SPAM… NO HATE… Thank you.