Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

I Win!!!!

WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO….. I cleaned my blog out of the hacked links, as if I would use those anyways.

Learned a great deal about making my blogs secure against attacks.

The tools I have included can be located under security plug ins at the site.

A few things to take note of were the version of WP is readable in the readme.html, so deleted it. There are several files that should be read only by you, so changing those to 400 should help a great deal.

I forgot to delete the install files. So for newbies please remember to go back in and delete these.

I am grateful to those who have helped me out in cleaning up and blocking IP addresses. Because my hosting company has a Latest Visitor Log I was able to track back over three days and make note of the “problem” IPs and have them blocked.

I host with GVO Hosting. The fees are extremely good. Especially when I look at the response I get from the tech teams, the help and they do stick with it until it is resolved. Not one of the techs has ever treated me as if I was a moron, stupid or should not be doing this. Rather they willingly answer my questions, direct me to more resources when needed and help me fix the wrongs, even when they are my mistakes. That is why I will never go anywhere else unless I am forced to, oh, please do not make me. With GVO you get 24/7 tech support through email, conference, and chat. Free software is ready for you to install and update automatically, no download then upload. Besides hosting your business or personal site, you are an affiliate earning revenues from each person you refer. I have not done a great deal with GVO as a business so my earnings pay my hosting fees nearly every month.

I am so glad that my blogs were hacked. It gave me an opportunity to learn and to grow. Plus I got to fix some of my previous mistakes that would have remained had I not had to go back over every post. Grateful right now I did not have more posts than I do. Whew.

Thank you for the visit. If I can help from my experience let me know. I will not publicly list the plug ins that are keeping me secure right now or the files I had to add and change. That would just be plain silly and asking to get hacked again. 🙂