Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Course in Miracles: A Teacher’s Manual

I enjoy this book, especially the Teacher’s Manual where the description and requirements are explained for God’s teachers. It also reminds me of those qualities I have that are special to each of us.

I am a firm believer that what we require to live a life of joy, happiness, and empowerment we own. These gifts are an innate part of who we are as humans in spiritual form.

This morning’s reading Chapter 5: How is Healing Accomplished? pg 17 of the manual.

The first paragraph discusses that one must first perceive the purpose of illness. Illness has a reason for existence, not a lesson to learn, but a way of escaping life. Yet to think that one would consciously choose to be ill, especially life threatening illness, is absurd. I am not saying we consciously choose illness. Nor would anyone ever wish to opt for suffering of any sort. We do not make these choices in the usual manner of making decisions.

However, we do choose illness. All illness is a choice. Aw, you are not happy about reading this, I can hear you now saying bulls…t. Well, let me explain. Just as A Teacher’s Manual goes on to say that we can gain health and heal our illness when we take responsibility for our choices, even the unconscious choices. Here is what I mean…

When I was a child I discovered that illness got me out of chores, going to school and kept me from being molested. So over time I learned how to become ill without consciously choosing it. The daily life filled with opportunities to contract an illness, become fatigued, even the food choices lent me a way to be ill in some form. Even now I consciously choose to eat food that is going to make me tired, worn out and sluggish. But I only do this once in awhile. It is also a form of punishing myself, feeding the chaos I grew up with. Familiar territory, but another topic for discussion later.

To gain health and healing one must first look to the source of dis-ease, illness, fatigue, and know it is curable. All illness is curable. Again it is in the choices we make, this time consciously choosing health. It is in all we do, one step at a time and gradually changing the order of illness.

You have permission to be who you are at this moment. Permission is granted to never change, slowly change, eat junk, eat healthy, have a temper tantrum, scream, or laugh and play. You own this permission, it is your God given right. Goddess did not create junk, she birthed you, a beautiful jewel that is shining every moment. Each breath brings you healing.

The secret to healing? Own your benefits to illness. Then change the reasons, be honest. First with self, then with others.

Bless you.