August the Month of Ramadan

The month of August is a Muslim holiday, Ramadan. The linked article describes how during the entire month of August Muslims world wide will begin prayers are dusk and fast during the day. This is traditionally a time of reflection, prayers, and spiritual development.

Spiritual development is different in each religion. There are those of us who are not affiliated with a religion and so develop our spiritual contacts through a variety of practices. Those may include prayer, fasting, meditation, formalized rituals such as candle lighting and oil anointment may be included. The ritual is as extensive as those who practice.

For those of you who partake of Ramadan ritual I send you my blessings and may incorporate the evening prayers in my daily practices of spiritual development. I will be reading more about the Muslim practice of Ramadan to gain a greater understanding of the intent.

Ramadan begins in Indonesia – Channel NewsAsia.

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