Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Visualization: The Talent of Attraction

There are few resources in this world, written in English, that I have not reviewed, read, experimented with, tried on for size, and either kept portions, all or none of them. I have been reading self-help books for over 20 years now, from alcoholism and addiction to co-dependency and domestic violence 12-step concepts. There is not one I can say that has had all the resources and answers I required. The amount of money I have spent is not calculable because I do not wish to consider how much I have tossed into my library, then donated to someone else. Not the point of this post anyway.

My point is that visualization is touted as the way to attract your heart’s desire. See yourself as you wish to be, see yourself  living the life you want. Another step to include as the secret to the “Law of Attraction,” add feeling to your visualization. Be in the moment with your desires. Feel what it would be like to achieve your goals. Can you do this?

How can you know what it would feel like to achieve your goals? What would it feel like to not look at your bank account and wonder how you are going to pay this month’s bills or where your next meal will come from? I do not have a clue. Do you?

I have continued to “fake it till I make it.” I Continued to pretend that I might know what it feels like to be worry, fear, anxiety, and depression free. The problem is I have not a reference point, no memory of having ever lived in this manner. When I have it to spend, I spend it. I do not know what it would feel like to save my money, budget it so that each time I look, it “feels” like I have plenty. Rather, it feels like never enough. How to make a penny pay for a meal or ten, I know what it this feels like. How to ask for time to pay the rent and the bills, stress over a conversation with debt collectors, this I know how it feels. I have lived a life of poverty, never enough, always wanting for more, actually learning how not to want for anything.

What is the solution to learning how to visualize? My thoughts are to go to the type of homes you desire, walk around in them, hang out, take pictures of your self in the home. You can do this by attending open houses in the neighborhoods that meet your desires. Take a friend or your mate and a camera. You do not have to be anything more than a lookie loo. If asked you can tell them this is a homework assignment, you are building your vision board.

What about a check with loads of zeros? Got PhotoShop? Or another similar program? Make one… Fill in the entire check, make it look real. The print it out and frame it..

The car of your dreams? Go to the car lot and ask for a test drive to get a feel of driving your dream car. Get a picture of you in the car. Tell them it is a homework assignment. Sociology or psychology class. Be creative. Cannot take a test drive, sit in the car, close your eyes, let your senses fill you in, notice how you feel, remember it.

Vision boards are great for those who can imagine. But for those of us who have not reference, create it. Go visit those places or similar ones, get a feel, pretend it is yours. What does it feel like? Take plenty of pics with you in the frame. This is your reference.

Journal the feelings that come up for you, notice your body’s sensations, what draws your attention? Yeah, first get over the fear of doing these exercises. I feel the fear of rejection just writing about it. But I can tell you that once you do it, you will remember what it felt like to own it.

Give it a try. You won’t get arrested and no one is going to condemn you. If you are told to leave, then tell them thank you for assisting you with your assignment and find someone else to help. Smile and wish that person a great sale. Do not indulge in anger or shame… These are no longer necessary. Besides, if you allow this to hang out, it will be a permanent house guest. I do not know about you, but me? Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I like experiencing the great feelings and of ownership.

My next goal? To own a newer RV. Guess what I get to do? Yep, go visit a few RV dealerships, ask for pics of me in them, put them out for me to see. Remember how it feels to own one. Yep, watch for pics of me in the driver’s seat and laying out on the couch or the bed. Who knows. Not the kitchen, sorry, not so much domestic any more. 🙂 Maybe I can hire a housekeeper, cook or a housewife? Who knows…

I send you my blessings and best wishes. May today be the prosperous, fun, loving day you hoped for. Peace be with you.