Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.


Self-healing is not about just healing your pains, grievances, traumas, or nightmares. Others have been involved in your life, the course of it, the events in which you were a part of. Grief, pain, the thing of nightmares is brought to those who share your journey. With time and willingness to heal these moments will come back to you. Unless you follow the instructions they will continue to repeat, each time with more intensity. This type of injury will not heal on its own, aid must be given, treatment attended to.

The time comes when recognition for events past and the impact upon others, is heard, felt and seen. There is a time in one’s life when clarity occurs, if one is diligent about self-healing. This moment can have a grand impact, create severe discomfort. The impulse to hide, turn from the memory, the emotions, and recognition of pain caused is strong. Remain with it, do not turn from it, let it move over, through, and around, feel it for what it is, hear what must be heard. This is the path to freedom.

Faith in the Divine grows stronger. Use it. Your Divine powers are there for your highest good and those whose paths you have shared. Send this to the time when the grievance was committed. Ask for the healing of that time, those involved, and leave it to do what must be done. Release all into the hands of the Divine, know it will heal.

These memories will not repeat once healed, rather those that have waited for their turn will appear before you. Repeat this process. One day each event in your life will heal, and freedom from grief is yours. Then the question is how to live in this new life? Without grievance will you know how to live, how to enjoy the time free of ducking and hiding from the past? What a problem to have.

I send you blessings on your journey, may you find the peace you seek, the healing you desire, the new life you deserve. God & Goddess be with you.