Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.


Step 1


Mindfulness can be frightening to one who has lived in shadows, hiding from self and the world. Hence the concept of step 1 to mindfulness. Tuning out happens when there is too much external stimuli, trauma from screaming, berating, physical assault, can create a shut down in our body’s system. It becomes a way of life. A false sense of security. Becoming mindful, aware, conscious is a slow and steady process. One step at at time, one breath at a time.

It is a firm conviction that until you find peace you cannot succeed. You may make incremental changes that seem good, but there is no solid ground under you.

The parable Jesus used was planting a mustard seed on a rock, in sand, and in the ground. On a rock the seed has not the ability to root and support itself, so it will fall. In sand the conditions are similar, it may grow, but let water come a long and the support is washed away. But planting the seed in ground, the support is solid, making it easier to care for, thus it will grow strong and well.

Mindfuless will bring you to a place to plant the seed in the ground. Till the soil, preparing it for growth, creating a bountiful crop. Food to feed your body comes from this type of gardening. So chose to take the word of a man who knew and prepare my ground for planting.

Mindfulness begins with being still, noticing, not doing anything but noticing.

  • Begin by getting comfortable. Sitting, standing, walking, lying, it matters not.
  • Do nothing, be still, notice the sounds around you. Do you hear birds, traffic, horns, the wind, or your heart beating?
  • Just notice. Do nothing.
  • Now notice your breath, notice how it feels as it enters your body. If you breathe in through your nose, notice how it feels. Through your mouth, notice how it feels. Do nothing. Notice.
  • If a thought enters, notice it and move on. Do nothing.
  • Now, streatch, shake your limbs and get back into your day.
  • Repeat at least once a day for the next four days.

That is it. Remember to do nothing but notice. That is your only task, notice. Do not pass judgement, do not label, just notice.

Now get back into your day. No need to pay attention any longer. Do as you always do.

Watch for Step 2 of Mindfulness.

Bless you. Peace be with you.