Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

What is Spirituality?

This is not a new topic here, as you will notice when you browse the archives. But it is important to review periodically, at least I believe it is.

Each day we are bombarded by millions, trillions, zillions of information, sensory information. This includes sights, sounds, touch, smell, tastes, our environment is recorded by every sense we possess. Is it any wonder when someone mentions stress reduction techniques or needing to practice them a slight chuckle arises? How do you reduce stress from your environment?

The answer is by being unconscious, mindless, not tuned in, rather tuning out. That bit of zoning out that every person does through out the day. Working on a project? Notice how you focus on what you are doing, not what is going on around you. Easily distracted? Notice how you pay more attention to the rants within mind, the noises in your environment.

Both scenarios are stressors. Learning how to de-stress is a stressor. The person giving you the instructions makes it sound so easy, don’t they? Or do they? Is it not your concept of what you hear that says it should be easy? Yes, it is your mind that tells you it should be easy based on what you heard the person tell you.

Reading my instructions for Mindfulness is not easy, simple, but not easy. Practice is the primary need for everything one pursues. Oh, and diligence.

Spirituality is the place in your life you can go to de-stress, to be unmindful of your surroundings. The point of mindfulness that brings peace and tranquility.

Spirituality is the practice of creating a conscious contact with the Divine, a God or Goddess, or both. The Divine of your understanding, not mine or someone else’s.

When I sit with a client I discuss his or her understandings, impart some information for discussion, guide him or her to try on different aspects, or to stand strong with the current belief. But if that belief is ill formed and causing stress, it is my responsibility as a spiritual teacher to offer suggestions, information, and tasks to practice, examine or research in order to aid in the shift, bringing comfort, not discomfort.

In the beginning discomfort is a bit of a disappointment because it seems to still occur. There is a shift that is in process and it never comes with out some form of ill at ease or anxiety. Working as a spiritual teacher, a guide, it is important to help the person to understand the process to developing a spiritual life.

Spirituality is the escape, the support, the ground on which solid foundations for a peaceful life are built. Spirituality brings love and is love. Love for all things, the good, the bad, the ugly, the dis…..

Spirituality is peace. You will find it in your breath, stillness, activity, stress, laughter, and tears. Because you are spirituality. Everything you need you already have. There is no need to go in search of, not externally, just sit, listen to breath. Notice.

This is not a journey you do alone, find like minded people to share the journey with you, to lead you, to inspire you. One of the tools I suggest and push for is to develop a like minded community. Increase the love community by ten fold, have more people who inspire and love you than would demean you and yell at you. 🙂

I am available, click here to see more services. I am with you all ways, you remain in prayer. May the Divine provide you all that you require in this journey. Bless you.