Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence

Clearing clutter for clarity and confidence.

If you have never experienced EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, then you should. This article is for those who have practiced EFT and understand the terms and process.

The short story for EFT is that it utilizes statements with tapping key points on your body. Once you figure out the set up process and practice the Gambit a few times you will begin to notice a change.

EFT and TFT, Thought Freedom Technique, the “father” of EFT, uses tapping and emotion, thoughts, words, in combination. Then you check again, your level of emotion in connection with the problem. If the sense of emotion is not at a zero, tap another round.

It can feel very silly at first, but practice does make perfect. I am still a student and must confess not a regular user of either technique. But, I will say when I remember to use it at a heightened emotional moment, it goes away, permanently. When I remember the situation there is no power in it any more. Great for overcoming anxiety and fear. 🙂 But be warned, it does take using it, again and again, sometimes several times, depending on the situation and its core depth.

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