Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

How to “Go Green.” What does it mean?

What has the title got to do with spirituality and recovery? Plenty. Your health effects your mood and mind, altering the way you feel and perceive the world. Think about it for a minute, the last time you got sick, how did you behave and feel? Hard to be kind and generous when you feel like….

Ever wonder what it means to “Go Green?” What is green? A color, the color of plants, Mother Earth in all her finery. But how does it apply to your home? Sure dozens and millions of articles about Green products fills the internet. Nearly everyone has climbed on board the “fad” of green. But is it a fad? And if not, how do you make changes without wasting money and products? Here are a few simple steps to help get you started.

But first, let me state that nearly, if not all of your household, personal care, and laundry products, even pet products have a carcinogenic and toxin in them. I hear you now, scoffing. As a friend would say about now, “Everything in this world is bad for you.” Well, nearly everything is bad for you.

Steps to “Go Green.”

1. Learn to read the labels of your products. Next, learn to understand what those ingredients are and they effect your body and mind.
2. Replace all products that contain some form of toxin, one at a time.
3. Personal care products and cosmetics are next or first. Again replace one at a time.

Now, where to dispose of your current toxic products? Not in your trash. All containers must be cleaned, then wrapped and disposed of. But, you cannot dump the contents just anywhere. What are you going to do? Contact your local recycling or trash center and ask about disposing of household products. That means all products, cleaners, laundry, hair, skin, and cosmetics. Oh, lets not forget the solvents and drain cleaners.

Going green can seem overwhelming when you consider everything in your household, if you are not green, is toxic. My steps may not seem that simple either. Not every action is doable by every person the same way. The easiest way is to work it out for your self. If you are a person concerned with money, consider the health costs. Concerned with waste? Consider the savings when you switch and recycle with your local trash service or recycle center. Find the way that will help you create a non-toxic life.

Please visit Skin Deep to learn more about the ingredients in your hair and skin care products.

Would you like coaching on how to clean your home and personal life of toxins? I am available by chat or video chat, send me a chat message here.

Next to consider is your food. Oh, no, grumble, grumble, moan and groan.