Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

What is spiritual counseling?

What is spiritual counseling? Does it mean I have to believe in God? I do not belong to a religion, does that matter?

These are just a few of the questions I have been asked over the years. There are more, but my fingers would get tired. Actually every question I have heard is tied into the same questions above.

Spiritual is not religion. Spiritual is a part of all religions, though the way some people act, it can make you wonder. Religion is an organization with rules and governing bodies, much as the government of countries. There are sets of beliefs tied to those rules. Some are based on fear and punishment.

Spirit is not about punishment, rules, fear, or control. It is that ethereal part of self, the part we cannot touch, feel, hear with out body or human senses. We can hear, feel and touch spirit with our inner senses, that part of us that is called intuition.

Being spiritual is about living in harmony with that part of self that is connected to the Divine. The universal self, where every being is one. There is nothing magical or special that one must do to become spiritual. The only requirement is a willingness and desire to listen.

Listening is probably the hardest act that anyone has ever had to do. There are a long list of things many believe are the hardest in their life. Yet, listening is still difficult. Just not talking, is not enough. Listening is more than quiet. It is about attention, observing, noticing, and non-action.

The spiritual part of your daily life is being. Nothing more is required of you. Be. Observe. Notice. When you practice noticing you will begin to hear a whisper. Your intuitive self, the spiritual aspect of you, begins to gain a louder voice.

It is not the same as hearing voices. Only a thought, one that seems not so connected to you.

The 12-step program, Alcoholics Anonymous, contains a line in the Promises, “you will intuitively know how to handles situations that use to baffle you.” This is the spiritual aspect of every 12-step fellowship, one of the greatest promises ever made.

Spiritual counseling guides you through different practices. Those practices depend on the spiritual counselor and his or her area/s of study. For many spiritual counselors there is a set way of teaching, a tie to a belief system.

As a spiritual counselor I work with your belief system, not mine. After all you are the person seeking assistance, guidance, and insight to create a spiritual life. My belief systems do not matter. Though when asked I will share some of what I believe. The primary common belief is in the spiritual path, the intuitive self that can and will guide you in your life. The Secret to your life.

To uncover your spiritual secret, use my contact page and send me an invite to chat. I look forward to getting to meet you and share in the journey.