Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Building a solid foundation for recovery

Welcome back to the journey through the 12 steps that anyone can utilize in their daily life. There is no secret society, no special needs or dues to pay. You are free to practice the spiritual principles as they are, change them to fit your needs, or ignore them complete.

However, I do make one request of you. Give it a try before you toss the entire concept. You have everything to lose by changing your beliefs. When you begin a journey to enlightenment, something magical occurs, well, not so much magic really, more like a miracle. Course in Miracles states that there is no order of difficulty to miracles, they just are.

The spiritual principles outlined within the first three steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is carried over to every fellowship who has adapted the steps to fit their topic. There are other programs that have found a way to incorporate steps into their programs. Each step has a primary principle that is used in your daily life. The steps work when you use them. You cannot stand at the bottom of a stairway and expect to get to the top without using those steps. Well, you could try climbing the railing, but….

Today we review the first three steps to ensure a solid foundation before moving to the fourth step. The reasoning behind this? The fourth and fifth step delves into you, a personal look at your life and your relationship to it.

Without a solid spiritual foundation, you could bring more harm to yourself than good. Alcoholics tend to drink again, drug addicts, sex-aholics, gamblers, risk takers, and smokers all pick up one more time without a solid foundation. Even if the drug of choice is not available, relapse is inevitable, it may take a different shape, but it does happen. You do not want to be miserable. Or you would be ignoring me by now. Misery addicts unite. This is the day that begins a change for the healthier.

Step one is about accepting that you cannot manage your life because of the problems that seem to take control your life. The second half of the step asks you to accept your powerlessness. Meaning that you do not have control. No matter how hard you try to fix the problem, it is not fixed. Does the expression “running on a wheel like a hamster” strike a not of familiarity? When you accept that your life is unmanageable, and you are powerless to fix it, it is time to look to a new higher power.

Step two states that you are ready to believe in a power other than you and your problems. The Divine Universe may be known as god, goddess, Lord or Lady, Divine, Universe, or Sam. The name is not the point, despite the power in a name. The concept is a power that is loving, guiding, and waiting to enter a partnership with you; this is the point of importance. God and goddess have so many names. The name will be spoken by each who believes in the grace of the deity. You get to choose and change your mind later. The only requirement of this step is to prepare to be wowed. Belief becomes faith.

Step three is the greatest action step of all. You get to find a super hero and then accept your partnership with him or her. God and goddess are waiting to join with you to solver your problems. First, you begin developing the belief, then you live in faith. This step is the culmination of all three steps. It is never ending. You do not just decide, then get on with your life.

Write a statement to attest to your new contract with the Divine. It can read something like this:

My life is unmanageable, and I am powerless without Goddess or God.

Fill in the goddess and god’s part as you wish. Read this every day for the next 28 days. I tell you, the first seven will be the most difficult; you will forget to read the statement. The next seven becomes easier as you begin to develop a new habit and establish a new belief. By the 28th day you will be glad you did this. This belief will supersede all others. Though the old ones will combat for life. Let them go with love.

Write a good-bye letter to your old beliefs, thank them for caring for you and seeing you through to this day. Write with love and blessing, honoring the person you have been and welcoming the shift in your life.

The essence of steps one, two, and three: I cannot manage my life without Divine Guidance.

Sound crazy? You say you have managed your life all this time without a divine presence? Really? What is in your mind when you awaken in the morning? How do you feel as you begin your day? What about the end of your day? Yeah, you have managed just fine, haven’t you.

How do I know? I use to be you. The spiritual principles work in my life, whether I want them or not. Now mind you, no where in this article or the preceding ones did I say your life would be a well spring of riches or that problems would fade away. I have been hungry, angry, lonely, tired, and near homelessness during the last 23 years of recovery. There is much to learn in this new life.

The miracle is there, do you want it? Let’s Chat..