Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

What is chaos?

The definition for chaos depends upon the source. Chaos is used in many ways, entertainment, movies, music, religion, science, and psychology. This is a shorter list that what you will find at the Wikipedia page for chaos (

The definition for chaos includes the inability to control the prediction of an outcome, disorder, confusion, an unordered state (cosmogony), and a mathematical definition, contributing to the expansion of activity through time.

Within the realms of sobriety there are those who seem to be fond of using the phrase: “chaos and drama” when referring to others who experience problems in their life. Actually the phrase is “He or she loves to create chaos and drama in their life. They cannot live without it.” Now, it is true that there are those who are addicted to worry, gossip, and negative attention. However, many of these behaviors are learned, a life developing a way to survive.

The other aspect to life is that it is drama and chaos. There is no escaping it, unless you live on top of a mountain and no one else is there and all your needs are met. In other words, no earth quakes, no storms, no starvation or war to be concerned with. Boring, but perhaps free of life’s dramas.

Consider this: from chaos the universe was created. Earth is a matter of chaos. The weather, shifts of the ground, the oceanic changes, planetary movements, and a mix of so many other scientific phenomena it confounds the mind. Life is derived from chaos.

When you examine chaos closely a method and order is seen. Every step or action within the core of this chaotic scene has a purpose, an end to the means. What may seem unordered, unpredictable, and confusing is in actuality in order for the purpose at hand. This is evidenced in a recovery plan.

Many people who are beginning their journey of sobriety enter the first six months to a year with more than their fair share of problems. Legal, financial, relationships, and health share the state of chaos. Alcoholics may need to resolve DUIs, drug addicts may have to attend a drug diversion program, and domestic violence victims and offenders may find orders to attend classes and therapy.

Health issues include the psychological and physical disorders due to the use of drugs, alcohol, behaviors, and other addictions. The first five years of a sober person’s life is spent healing all areas of life, especially the physical and mental. The body takes this time to reorient itself to health. The first year is spent ill with everything floating through the air, or at least it may seem that way.

The next dozen or so years are spent learning how to become a member of a healthier society. Learning to functioning in the capacity of employee, friend, child, parent, sibling, or other relationship title. Drama is the word of the day, every day. Social and coping skills are a learned talent, one that many early sober people do not have. The rules are different from the previous life style.

Drama is the stuff day time television series are made of. Crime dramas, movies about those who overcome hardships, romances, comedies, and any other topic you can conceive is drama. It seems that there is a secret belief about getting sober, somehow you will not live a life of chaos or drama. Magically your life is perfect, no more tears, disappointments, harm, or sadness. No one is going to offend you ever again and everyone will love you. As if you will never experience another problem just because you gave up your old way of life.
The difference between living sober and living stoned, loaded, or under the influence is your problems will change. The promise of recovery is when you follow a spiritual path you will develop the coping skills to find your way through emotions, problems, memories, threats, and other areas of life that will surely greet you.

Sober people find a point in life that they are comfortable and stay there. Working at maintaining equilibrium. Recovery people are always upsetting that equilibrium in the path to heal their wounds, learning a spiritual path to live. The difference between survivor and victim, the victim is stuck, the survivor is removed, until the day a decision is made to live. Thriving is living, learning how to create the changes in thinking and behaving that supports the spiritual development of the organ.

You can change. It will not be easy. It will be chaotic, dramatic, and you will know peace. You will laugh, cry, scream, and shout. Sometimes all in the same moment, other times not at all. There will be days you will find disdain for yourself, the life you lived, and those that contributed to your path to this day. Overall, no matter what, you will know peace, joy, and laugh a good belly laugh. Tears, screams, laughter, and hoorahs are drama, chaos, and cause for celebration.

You will make friends, enemies, some will be the same person, not always in that order. People will love you, hate, and envy you. But as long as you remain one with the Divine, to your purpose and true to self, love will follow you and your life will be born of chaos.

I tell you true: You will not despise you, those who have shared your life, and the mistakes you have made. For you will come to know that every moment, word, and event has led you to this day, created you in the image of the Divine, and prepared you for what is yet to come. You are the Divine’s child, the messenger of what is and will always be. There is no now without then.

An no harm to none. So mote it be.

If you are finding it difficult to find the path, feel that no one will understand, remember I am available for chat.

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