Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

21st Century Herbalists

An integral part of every person’s life is his or her connection to the earth. This includes the air breathed, water drank and cleaned in, the home one chooses to live in and the entire environment surrounding home. The concept of independence is an illusion.

The Eco system is balanced within and without. Our daily regimen is a matter of life. If there is one thing out of place it will throw the entire system out of balance.

The tendency to run to the doctor for sneezes, sniffles, coughs, and other symptoms has been a norm for several centuries. Allopathic medicine became the way of life in the earlier centuries and is ingrained in our daily lives. Allopathic medicine consists of synthetic, man-made chemicals to treat infections, pain, and other diseases.

I do not mock nor do I condemn this way of life. I developed a habit of consulting a doctor for several years. Medication was in my cabinet, both prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers. However, it was always insufficient and the more I took, the more I needed. A circle that seemed inescapable.

There always seemed to be the question lingering, “Do I have to take this?” Meaning what ever “this” was at the time. Antibiotics only served to create greater issues for me. Today the news is filled with antibiotic resistant diseases. What is one to do?

My grandmother was told she would never walk again, that she would be confined to a wheelchair because of arthritis. They put her in a body cast, to keep her immobile, supposedly to let her body heal. Her ex-mother-in-law moved in with her juicer and a few herbal remedies and within weeks my grandmother was fully mobile. I love to tell the story about the day a young male, about age 10 called her the “b” name. Then ran down the street when he saw her running out the door, and jumped the 3 ft fence in the front yard. I never laughed so hard and was so surprised at how quickly she moved.

My grandmother believed in using plants, including vegetables as a way to heal. Sadly she gave up after my grandfather died. But, I will always remember how she encouraged me to learn, read, ask questions, and search for other ways to take care of myself.

A few months back in my search for remedies to help my aging body I found Plant Healer Magazine. After reading the introduction I subscribed. I have more than I can read right now, including recipes and ideas for an herb and vegetable garden.

I felt out of place, wanting to build into my spiritual practice the aspect of herbal remedies. The idea that I needed to have a degree kept roaming around my thoughts.

Then Jesse Hardin and Kiva Rose made an offer I did not refuse. An opportunity to review a new book, The 21st Century Herbalist. There is over 300 pages of wisdom, insight, personal journeys, and more. The herbalists interviewed include Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, 7Song, Wildman Steven Brill, Jim McDonald, and several more.

One of the most important concepts to occur to me is this: I am not alone and I do not need more than my basic knowledge and willingness to learn to become an herbalist.

Each person interviewed shares their journey in acquiring the title herbalist & teacher. Every interview is an inspiration, an eye opener, and motivation to continue learning how to live within the Eco system I call Mother Earth.

Jesse Hardin’s questions opened a door to learn more about the herbalist, the motivation and journey. The answers are direct and informative.

Living a spiritually based life must include the environment in which one lives. Spirituality is within based on what is without. You are not alone. There are alternative remedies to ease and enrich your journey.

Head over to Plant Healer Magazine, purchase your copy of The 21st Century Herbalist. You will not be disappointed. Then while you are there subscribe to the Plant Healer Magazine.

There is a resurgence of herbalists. Will you become one of them? I know I am.

Stay tuned for more to come.