Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

How to Create your Dream Lifestyle in 5 or 12 Steps.

Barrett Lake View
Barrett Lake

The fad or rage these days is creating the dream life. To make it happen all you do is think it. The Law of Attraction states in the simplest of terms, see it, feel it, and it will be. Terrific is you are a person without mental disorders, a visual person, and one who holds a simple belief in all things possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not knocking The Law of Attraction. What I am saying is for those of us who live with learning challenges, mental disorders, and a multitude of other descriptive issues, this is not easy.

As a substance abuse/chemical dependency counselor, it was my goal to assist women who have experienced trauma learn to feel safe meditating and visualizing. For someone with post traumatic stress, relaxing, closing your eyes, and trusting the visual result won’t be of the trauma is difficult.

For the kinetic, sound, or touch person, visualizing the dream may not happen. There are different learning styles. The person who cannot visualize may need to be directed in how to smell, feel, hear, their desired dream. The visualizer may not find it so easy to add the other senses. However, anyone can learn how to create an image of their desired life style, the dream life.

Following are instructions I consider a benefit learning how to visualize your dream lifestyle. I will caution you this is not for anyone wishing overnight success. Learning takes time and practice, plenty of practice.


      Pen, pencils


  • Open your notebook to the first page.
  • Decide on a title.
  • Write your title in large block letters, filling the entire page.
  • Begin writing your ideal life on the next page. Use as many descriptive words as you can think of.
  • Look through the magazines you selected for pictures that are similar to the items you want in your dream life. New car, home, garden, boat, or job. What about love and romance? The sky is the limit.

There is no limit, no rules, no blockades to creating your dream life style journal.

Alternate Steps


      A Friend
      Camera: digital or non
      PhotoShop or similar program
      Printer with color ink
  • Take your camera and friend, go to the car lot where your ideal car is located. Give your friend the camera, then sit in the car and have your friend take a few shots. Do the same thing with your ideal home, boat, job, does not matter what it is. Take as many pictures as you want, with and without you.
  • Upload your pictures to your computer. Save in your picture folder. Don’t forget to name it something you will remember. For
    instance My Dream Lifestyle.
  • Open your favorite photo creation software, unless you have PhotoShop.
  • Open the first of your photos. You can resize, crop, and edit the photo so it is just the car and you.
  • Save this new photo in .jpg format.
  • Repeat the above two steps for each photo. Close the software.
  • Right click in the middle of your desktop. Click Personalize.
  • Click Desktop Background at the bottom of the window.
  • Click Browse and locate the folder you saved your new photos in. Click on the folder. Next cliek OK.
  • In the Desktop Background window, select all to tell Windows to shuffle the photos on your desktop. Now you can close the window and watch your photos shuffle like a slide show.

My desktop shows a slide show of inspirational pictures I have acquired from people like Andy Dooley who loves to include short verse in his artwork. He is also a great inspiration for many of the ideas that occur to me.

If you get stuck or want to go further with your dream life style plans, contact me. I am available most evenings and on occasion Saturdays.  We can work together via Skype, or another instant messenger, email or phone. If you live in San Diego East County, we can meet at a restaurant or coffee house.  The only house calls I make are by video chat.