Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Your Gift from the Divine, God, & Goddess: Healing Energy.

The capacity for healing is inherent in each person. Each moment of the day we make a decision to be tired, fatigued, ill in some way, energetic, healthy, and productive. The choice is yours.

Energy healing is your gift, it belongs to you to use in compliment with your other medical treatments. All it takes is for you to accept this gift and learn how to tap into it when desired. Vibrant health is not a privilege, nor is it something you earn. It is already yours, part of your inheritance from the Divine. God, Goddess, the Universe, the names change, the basics remain the same. Call on the angels, guides, any Divine light being to bring you healing, to guide you.

I practice Reiki, long distance for friends, family and anyone who asks and personal use every night. By using this natural talent I am led to the resources and answers I require to live a healthier life. My life is now filled with the love and presence only the Divine can provide.

To obtain your complimentary Reiki session, contact me for an appointment. There are many forms of Reiki, Usui, Kundalini, Karuna, seem to be the most known. I am certified in Kundalini & Practical Reiki Master Teacher.

There is a study or two lurking about that reflects disease is invited into our lives. Approximately 85 to 95 percent of disease we invite into our daily lives. This does not mean we deliberately seek out to be ill with cancer, flu, or a list of other diseases. However, it does mean that through our own actions we invite disease.

Those actions include the choice of chemicals to clean our home, body, and yards. Our environment both internal and external are breeding grounds for disease. Including cancer, thyroidism, MS, flu, colds, and obesity.

Disease is curable. Science tells us which ones are easily cured, which ones are terminal, and which ones you are not to blame for contracting. We buy what the authorities tell us. The result is diseased bodies and minds.

Our souls scream to be heard, we choose to ignore or remain deaf. Rather it is easier to lay blame else where. Use excuses and avoid self-honesty and responsibility for our lives. Why?

One theory could be that fear is the driving force to ignoring or living unconsciously. Fear controls us in ways we yet pay attention to. Fear says if you take responsibility for your life, then you must be a horrid person or you would not be in this or that situation.

Fear would have you believe that you are worthless, incapable, and not responsible for your life. Fear feeds the anger, the sense of injustice, and tells you others are to blame. Not you. How could you be when science says you are not.

Research reflects that many diseases are genetically coded into our bodies. We do not stand a chance. A personal note, my doctor on hearing my family history of hypothyroidism said I never stood a chance. Yet there is one in my family who lived with hyperthyroidism. Please explain.

Cancer is yet another disease that can be genetic. Science offers us tests to discover our genetic disposition to breast, uterine, ovary, testicular, and other types of cancer. Heart disease maybe genetic, have yourself tested. They sell more tests, drugs, and fear.

This is not “against” the tests or treatment for these diseases. Nor should you stop any medical treatment you are currently receiving. The point is that genetics do not rule. Science reports we can beat our genetics, change and heal our DNA and genes. How?

Part of the coaching sessions with me include an environmental questionnaire. This includes the household, personal care, laundry, gardening, auto, and other products in your household. The food you eat and how you shop are another environmental factor.

Nutrition, household chemicals, your job, home life, relationships in all areas of your life contribute to your health and well-being or disease. I can reflect here to say, “Science says so.”

Critical thinking is a skill. Questioning every area of your life is another skill. Living consciously takes practice. Sound insurmountable, overwhelming? Fear is feeding those thoughts.

You do not need to pay me to receive the information in changing your household. Begin with the food you eat. Do your meals come in microwave, prepared, TV. dinner style? Yes, microwaving your food, prepared food, is not healthy. Do you know what is in your food? Do you know what the ingredients are? How they affect your health?

Read the labels of everything in your home, garage, and yard. Every product you use, take one at a time, make a list of the ingredients. Next visit the Environmental Working Group (, look up the ingredients. Cosmetics? Go to the Cosmetics data base and find out what you are applying to your skin. Cornucopia will provide you a list of organic foods and sources for those foods.

Read the labels, become informed. Make a decision to create at least one change in your life each day or week. By the way, you cannot just dump your laundry detergent, dish soap, oil containers, and skin care containers into the trash. Read the labels, they must be disposed of at a hazardous waste disposal site.

Waste Management in California will provide you a source for ridding you of these products., Earth911 are two sites that will provide you with a source for recycling products and containers.

Critical thinkers learn about every aspect of their lives, educate themselves, and ask the tough questions, even the easy ones. The least obvious reasons for mood swings, fatigue, and illness are in our home environment, our bodies, and the way we live our life.

Want more help, contact me today for a complimentary consult about how I may be of service to you.

Bless you. Namaste.