Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Self-Help Resource Development

With the financial stress of paying for the holidays, rent, debts, and just feeding yourself the last thing money will go to is seeing a therapist or psychologist. At least for many that do not have insurance to cover the cost. Yet this is where a large chunk goes each month for many.

Mental illness and general disorders ranging from chronic to temporary need treatment. The field for mental health and addiction treatment is a growing industry and sorting the true from the false, the fake from the real, can become very tedious and overwhelming. I should know.

I am a strong advocate for self-help measures, especially when they are mixed with professional ones. In the beginning of our recovery journey it is important to gain a firm understanding of what is “wrong” with self. A diagnosis can be helpful, tho it can also bring a stigma. A balance must be struck.

One of the primary reasons this site has been developed as a blog. I have set up pages filling up with resources, articles, educational and supportive resources. National numbers for emergency crisis needs and local ones for those who are not in crisis.

Treatment is a strong need for many problems. Physical and mental. Supportive services and self-help are to compliment the initial treatment phase with a professional. The professional you see is only one person and can only provide you with so much in less than an hour.

The responsibility lies with you to find and create a supportive resource structure. Groups of like minded individuals both on line and off. Collecting telephone numbers from members who can offer their encouragement and support. Literature, videos, audios of meditations and inspirational material are other resources that can benefit a recovery program.

I am always on the look out for the most beneficial resources. Today I offer this link to the Consumer Driven Self-help directory. The link will be added to my resources page as well.

Consumer Driven resources for self-help means in simple terms that you are no longer a patient or client in regards to the mental health field. Rather you are a consumer. You request and pay for the services of a professional, which means that he or she works for you, is employed by you. He or she has the degree and the skill to assist you in creating a healing life. However, this professional is not an authority over you. YOU PAY HER OR HIM FOR A SERVICE. Much like going to the mechanic, the grocery store, or hairdresser. They have an expertise that you require. You have the right to request the services that benefit you.

I am a firm advocate for critical thinking, informed consumerism, and self-care. We are each responsible for our own lives. No matter the choices of others. It is our responsibility to create a healing life, set boundaries, and enforce them. God (if you believe in her) gave you Freedom of Choice, Free Will. By educating yourself about your condition, the treatment options available, you take your life into your hands and are better able to make an informed decision.

I am available to assist where needed, to offer supportive coaching on your journey. See my Contact Page to reach out to me. I do offer coaching services at a small fee. To learn more ask me. My services page will be receiving a face lift. Bless you and you are an inspiration, a miracle, and Divine.