Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

“Falling between the cracks.”

I wonder how many people exist in this world that feel as if there is no help, no resource, no way to improve their life?  Possible more than wish to be known.  Each time something pops up that sounds or reads like it will cure the problem, grabbing it like a life line, only to discover it is not the cure.  Do you feel left out?  I understand.

There is a phrase:  “Falling between the cracks.”  It is used to define someone who does not fit in one side or the other, but falls between the standards set for both choices.  For example it may be someone who earns just a dollar or two too much to qualify for assistance and yet it is not enough without the aid.

When you live between the cracks life seems unfair and impossible in some ways.  Some give up, others continue to seek another way out.  It is those who find the way out that can lead the way.  And many do, at a price that those of us who live in the cracks cannot afford.

You have to invest in order to earn.  A seemingly impossible task.  What is one to do?  Sulk or search?  I prefer search.

Define the problem first.  Before you go grabbing up the next solution, spending your hard earned money, define your problem.  Is it physical, mental, or ???  Take out a notebook and start taking notes every day.  Track yourself, what you do, how you feel, the thoughts that arise when you set out to accomplish a task and find yourself distracted into another task.  Be self-honest, no one will see your writing unless you choose to share it.

Are you feeling depressed?  Assess it, there are many conditions that mask themselves as depression.  Thyroid, diabetes, are just a couple off the top of my head, that can cause depression.  What other symptoms do you have?  Keep a daily journal, make notes in the morning.  How did you sleep?  How do you feel when you get up?  At the end of your day what did you accomplish, did not get done, how did you feel during the day, etc.

Look for patterns.  How do you feel after you eat?  Gluten, starches, and processed foods are hard for our bodies to digest and create a host of gut issues.  For instance, did you know that nearly 90 percent of neurotransmitters (food for our mood) are created in our gut?  Not the brain.  If our gut is sick, our brain is sick.  Affecting our moods, food choices, attitude, and perception of life around us.

Educate yourself.  The most important tool in your life’s toolbox is education.  Take a few minutes every day and read about the food you eat, the water you drink, and the products you use around your home.  Disease is curable, disorders are repairable.

Become an informed consumer in medical, psychological, household, and personal care purchases.  Know what medications do to your body, the good and the bad.  Seek counsel, therapy methods are numerous, shop for the one that will work for you.  Search out products that support your health and make you feel, look good.

You are in control.  I realize it may not feel like, but you are.  Solutions exist, they are not always apparent.  Hidden and unknown, but existing.

How do I know?  Because I am one of the residents of “Between the Cracks.”  Always just “this much” from either side of the crack.  Somehow I find the solutions, the resources, the answers.  Most of the time they lie within, other times I find them when I can discuss the situation with another.  I have a trusted professional in my life to hash things out with, discuss and explore my inner self in safety.

Are you ready?  Tired of going it alone?  Reach out, I am there, available to listen and perhaps offer a suggestion or two.  It is up to you to take that step, move beyond where you are today and peek at who you can become tomorrow.  Each step, one step at a time, is all we need to move.  Contact me for a free consult.

I send you love, blessings, and the resources you need to live outside of the cracks in life.  Please share your journey with me here, support group for women or here for men and women.   I look forward to meeting you.