Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Social Security Changes and You

With the new changes to social security nearly upon us there is an influx of information, resources, offerings, and much more placed before us.  Information overload is putting it mildly.  Overwhelm is a bit closer to reality.

It is our job to sort it all out and make sense of what is relevant, what is not.  I have been provided a new resource that does offer some clarity to the madness.  The bottom line is there are benefits that will no longer be available to those of us coming up on retirement and wishing to apply for social security benefits.  For those already on social security the effect is minimal.

The government has seen fit to deny many benefits.  Most of which our hard earned dollars were suppose to pay for.  We have contributed to social security our entire working life.  Now we are being told that many of those benefits won’t be there for us at retirement if that occurs after May 1, 2016.

You need help in disseminating the information and obtaining the proper  forms to complete.  There are general information sites, this is one of them:

Social Security Disability Benefits Guide provides a brief introduction to what to expect, how to calculate your benefits, and more resources to consider.  This is for information purposes only, please use common sense when using any forms from third party sites.

The primary truth in information regarding your benefits will always remain the Social Security Administration.  If you are going to apply use their forms.  Security is always an issue.  The only time I recommend outside resources for applications is when the source is vetted.

I provide information, not advice, legal or otherwise.  Please know that as we age, these resources are more imperative to our well being.  It is the goal of my website to provide information that can affect lifestyle.  I am a lifestyle coach, providing information, how to tips, and other guides is my passion in life.  The more we know, the better decisions we can make that will benefit no hinder our path.

Blessings, please let me know how you are doing, ask questions, provide feedback, and follow me for more resources, guides and insights.