Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

I know!

 “I Know.”

But do you?  What do you know?
As a substance abuse counselor and lifestyle coach, this is the phrase I hear most often.
I have come to realize that when someone no longer wishes to listen or feels overwhelmed, this is the stop phrase used.

What “I Know” means

This phrase allows for one to stop listening. The intention is to stop the flow of information, lecture, or other form of word flow.
Some reasons include information overload, fear, anger, recognition or acknowledgement. The sensation of scolding, punishment are a contributing factor to the use of this phrase.
What the person using “I know” intends to say is “I do not wish to hear this….”
Embarassment at making mistakes will bring these words to form. “I know I should have….” Yet, the same mistake occured because the same belief led to the same actions.

Getting Around the Resistance

Rephrase, ask questions designed to cause consideration and review of the beliefs. An alternative to a scolding tone, a lecturer’s tone, even a parental tone when speaking is to smile. When you smile, even a slight smile, your tone of voice shifts. Facial features become softer, less threatening.
You open the door to communication. Your words are no longer important. The other person’s perception and belief system is the key to changing.
We learn from our mistakes when there is someone available to guide us through the maze of our beliefs.

You can Know a thing, yet not understand it.

Our heads are full of knowledge. Expansive amounts of trivia, information, skill sets, many operate on the unconcious level.
Driving a car, riding a bike, typing this article, are all conducted on a less than concious level. Our bodies have adapted to the skill set necessary. A hazard at times.
Complaceny sets in, “I know” says you do not need to pay attention, do not need to heed, or listen. It is a set of skills repeated, you can do it in your sleep.
This type of attitude brings about repeated mistakes. We are set to the idea of no longer needing to learn. We being a life of unconscious living.

Resetting Beliefs

Awaken to a new dawn, begin a new moment in your day. Take a breath. Hear what is not said.
Every item, inanimate and animate has a message for each of us. If only we take the time to learn.
A question posed: “I read a suggestion “to see the beauty in all things.” How can I see the beauty in a concrete post?” What is your answer to this question?
There is a depth to this question that goes beyond mere words. It points to a belief.
Where are you today in your forest of beliefs?