Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

What is Addiction?

I have written many articles concerning addiction, sobriety and recovery.  Defining addiction may seem simple, but it is not.  The definition goes beyond simple words.

We each have something we do not want to go without.  From candy to alcohol, we eat and drink in a routine every day.  When we run out, we seek to get more.  Seems like a simple way of life.  Until it feels like a way to keep from being ill.  

Ages ago, it would seem, it was stated strongly that marijuana was a gateway drug.  Yet everyone smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.  Illegal drugs were on the rise.  Middle American moms were finding ways to obtain methamphetamines.  Doctors were prescribing “uppers” and “downers” freely.  Yet we were more concerned with illegal drug use.

We envisioned junkies living in abandoned buildings, ripping you off for your belongings to get the next fix.  The movies taught us how to envision, how to create a perception of the addict.  This is only half the story.

An addict is an alcoholic, a junkie on the street, and can be a judge, attorney, cop, middle class mother.  Addiction is not restricted by age, race, creed, religion, skin color, or economic status.  It is prevalent in all areas of society.

I have read reports that teens cannot possible be addicted, they have not lived long enough to acquire it.  Not sure who thought that up.  Teens are using cigarettes, now vaping, marijuana, and before all this, raiding the medicine cabinets in their homes looking for something to improve how they feel and to escape.

I provide resources for those seeking information, both the afflicted and the ones who love the afflicted.  There is no discrimination or judgement.  I offer one on one coaching to move beyond simply being sober once we establish a base for sobriety.  For all ages.  In 30 years I have met addicts who were as young as 12 and as old as 90.  We all started seeking a way to fix what was wrong, self-medicating seemed like the answer.

Today I wanted to share two articles that were sent to me as part of an outreach to aid in education.  

Please take a moment and consider the information.  Send kind thoughts to those who struggle with this beast.  If you know someone who could use a kind word, provide it.  Support is not punishment, condemnation or neglect.

Caring about an addict does not mean you put you to the side.  It does not mean you allow that person to rule you, steal or harm you.  You have the right to set rules, boundaries, and to provide and protect self.  However, it can be very difficult.  So, for those who are supportive, get your assist, find the group and circle that will help you in your own recovery.

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