Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.

Resolutions or Intentions

Happy New Year.  May 2019 be all that you hope for.
Welcome 2019

Every year there is one tradition that never seems to fade: Resolutions. Best intentions are the fuel that fires resolutions. All that we have hoped for, dreamed of and wished upon for our New Year. We design resolutions. Sure that this time we have the resolve to see them through.

I have been guilty of doing much the same every year. I want to earn more, serve more, upgrade my life overall. Yet, every year I set those resolutions on paper, they never manifest. I close the journal, notebook or fold that piece of paper up, shove it on a shelf where it collects dust.

Have you followed the same path? I wonder how many have succeeded in meeting those resolutions? No one I know. How about you?

This Year is Different! Honest!

How many times I repeated that line. Followed by “But this year is different. I know where I went wrong.”

Well guess what? This year is different. Because like last year I did not set any resolutions. Well not entirely true, I did set one: to not set resolutions.

This year is different from last year and all the years before because I recognized the problem with me. Resolutions had no meaning except to follow the pack, be a part of and fit in.

When there is no meaning, there is no action.

Have you heard the phrase: “All talk No Action!”?

That is about those who like to hear themselves talk about their goals, aspirations, dreams, and plans for big things in their lives. I have been guilty of this at times. It always sounds good at the moment.

Later, behind closed doors? How do I get there? Where do I begin?

Road work sign for goals

Changing your Mind

This year I resolved to create intention, not resolutions. Goal setting for each day at the end of the previous day. I have major goals, making daily ones will get me to the final destination.

An Example of Goals:

  1. Build a business: one that provides income.
  2. Start a retirement plan
  3. Buy a new home
  4. Create a vacation savings
  5. Create a sick time savings (a great idea for the self-employed)

These are a few goals I have considered for myself. So, what would the daily goals look like?

  1. Build a business that will provide an income
    1. Steps for this goal would depend on how long you have been in business or just getting started.
    2. Networking daily either by email development, social media posting, ad posting, creating profiles in directories or groups.
    3. Work with current clients on their tasks. In other words stay on task, do not neglect or short change your clients. Reputation is everything in building your business.

Other steps would depend on your type of business and your desire/willingness to accomplish those steps

Not sure where to begin with your intentions? Let’s chat about your dreams and desires. I can guide you to find your own path, bring dreams to reality. It really is simple.

Create a Deadline

Setting a time to accomplish your goal is important, as much as outlining the steps you are willing to take. By doing so you are making yourself accountable. It makes the goal more of a place to go rather than just an idea on paper.

What you think of your goals is as important as achieving them. Review and edit where needed. Keep your steps for daily goals achievable, meaning those tasks you are willing to do. Not just what may sound good to someone else, or even yourself.

Building a business is a daily and ongoing task. You are building to sustain your life into retirement. The daily, weekly, or monthly goals you set are the steps to achieving that final goal. Make them measurable, doable, and fun. Give your self a reward when you reach that landing.

Questions to Consider

Question Resolutions

When you make your goal list ask yourself a few questions to offer some guidance on your path.

  1. How long do I want to give myself to get this done? And/or:
  2. How long will it take to accomplish?
  3. Most important: Is this a goal I really want to accomplish?
  4. Is it realistic for me to achieve?
  5. If it is realistic, it is what you want to do:
    1. What do I need to do to achieve it?
    2. Do I need training? Education? Guidance?
    3. How much money do I need to invest?
    4. What equipment, space, or other needs are required?

Create a work and idea journal. Explore, research, ask questions. Reach out to those who are doing what you want to, ask how they did, do they enjoy their work? What challenges are they facing? What would they do different?

Get engaged in the process and information gathering. Have fun with it.

Achieve through Intention

Since making the shift to daily goal setting I have achieved many of my resolutions from years gone by. I have two businesses and a third that is slowly growing. I have people in my life who believe in me, support me, and truly love me for who I am. I have learned how to create a healthy life, physically and mentally. Each goal I had set I have accomplished because I made them daily goals, not a five year or 10 year plan. I live in today.

That does not mean I do not have a five or 10 year plan. I would like retirement to be an option, some day. I like working with people, doing what I do far too much to ever consider never doing it. Perhaps a long vacation would be a better goal for me. Realistically there will be the day….

The mind set is what I had to adapt to. A life long belief system developed through external input of watching, listening, and adapting to the challenges in life. I went from living on welfare and an unhealthy life, to finding a new path, one that is loving and supportive.

The law of attraction works in a way that you would never believe. When I set my intentions, focused the emotion into it, then let it be, I found I had received. Not in my time, but it came to me.

Today I take each task at face value, accomplish it, move to the next one. The suggested steps I mentioned are all steps I use to meet my day’s end.

I say NO to Resolutions. I say yes to tomorrow’s goals to meet my final destination.

When you are ready to create your plan of action reach out. Let’s talk about your goals.