Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Recovery from drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other addictions is a possibility. We can do this. Let's chat.

12-Step Recovery


Addiction comes in many forms, is not prejudice as to who it ensnares, and may end in death unless a solution is found. The saying around the rooms is “Jails, Institutions, and Death.”

We do have a choice, you are not alone.  Recovery from addictions is possible.  Let's chat.

The world finds itself in an unknown version of life. The pandemic of COVID-19 has altered our way of living in ways that have not yet become apparent.

Alcohol is now a drive thru item, restaurants and bars cater to the deliver and take out orders. Cigarettes are on the list of addictions, increasing the need to smoke. Drugs, alcohol, even behaviors are an escape from reality.

The cross over to addiction happens when one cannot conceive of a moment without “it.” “It” being the drug of choice.

Coping Strategies

Coping is even more important now than ever. Finding an alternative to using, altering mood and thought. As anxieties, depression, loneliness, fear, and other emotions become stronger, it is even more important to find a way to cope without adding to the problems that addiction will bring.

Creativity is one key to coping with the “shelter in place” mandate. There is no lack of suggestions for how to cope during this time of fear and stress.

However, motivation may be lacking. Information overload can cause a freeze response. For those who have lived with trauma do understand this process.

The desperation to seek out solutions brings with it the risk of overwhelming self with way to much information. I am guilty of saving articles, eBooks, meditation mp3s and mp4s for perusal off line. Some of them date back years.

Ideas for Coping Beyond the Usual Advice

In consideration for the overwhelm, I will keep this short. Here is my list, so far they work for me. I hope you find a solution that works for you. If you do, please share it in the comments.

  • If you must download, do so.
    • eBooks: Open immediately, do a quick skim of the first sentences in each paragraph, this will help determine if the information is new and worthy of application.
    • Mp3 & Mp4: if possible read the bullet points or description of the item of interest. If not, usually you can fast forward a few seconds at a time to determine if you want to take the time to listen. Within the first 5 minutes you may find this is the same as all the others.
    • Blog Posts: Again, the first sentence and the last contain the info pertaining to the ideas of the articles in question. You learn speed reading quickly when you peruse several articles.

Take away with what you can use, let the rest go and create your own plan of action. There is nothing in this world that mandates an exact following of any suggestions or plans of action.

Just as my suggestions work for me, others do not. I have learned to adapt. We all must learn to adapt if we choose to survive. This is type of life has changed us in so many ways.

Recovery from Addiction is Possible

You have to want to replace the substance you are using to alter your mind and mood. If not, then there is no motivation to change. Euphoria is a temporary state. Reality will always remain the same. Though reality is based on perception.

What you believe of your current situation determines reality. Not what others provide as an alternate view. What you focus on is what you receive.

Learning to live without the mood altering substance is not an easy step to take. You have to know your “why.” You have to have others in your life that support your decisions. Reach out, check in, find support outside of your home and stay the course.

It is not an easy path. When the substance of choice is removed your body and mind go through major changes. If you do not understand the withdrawal from your “drug of choice” you will not be able to create a plan of recovery effectively. There is more to getting sober than just quitting. It is important to understand the effects you are going to experience.

My page for Emergency & Recovery Resources is a great place to begin your search for support. For the drug of choice you are seeking to let go of, a search on the drug will provide you with the effects of use and the withdrawal you can expect.

  • Cigarette use is very popular. Do you know how it affects your body and what to expect when you stop smoking? Nicotine withdrawal can be harder on some than on others.
  • Heroin is another drug that is highly addictive and creates health challenges during withdrawal. Some may wish to enroll in a residential treatment facility during the initial phase of withdrawal.
  • Alcohol withdrawal can be a death sentence if one has been using “hard” alcohol for a long time, drinking daily and all day. Seizures are just one of the many hazards to stopping alcohol use of this type.

These are just a few of the choices for addiction. My page for resources has several residential and 12-step resources available.

In Closing

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need to talk. I am available to assist in the process of recovery. I offer life coaching, with relapse prevention and Reiki sessions, my services page provides a deeper explanation.

Recovery is possible under any circumstance. Spiritual development is a part of that path, finding your why and a “power greater than self” are key to success.

I offer blessings and a prayer that you will receive that which you seek. May the Divine presence in your life provide all that you require this day and into the next.