Herbal Remedies

Aroma Foundry's Patchouli Essential Oil
Herbs & Spices: Basics Herbs and spices offer a wealth of healing remedies when used properly. ┬áThose same plants can be dangerous when not used with full knowledge. Herbs and spices come in different preparations: Leaf: fresh and dried, whole and powdered Seed: fresh, dried, whole and powdered Homeopathic preparations Liquid: extracts made with alcohol […]

Herbs & Spices

What are herbal infusions and Tinctures? Homemade healing and nourishing remedies are easy and inexpensive to create. Takes only a few minutes to prepare. You can make herbal vinegars for cooking or cleaning. You will save money on cleaners and herbal extracts. Herbs have a long history of use around the world in many forms. […]

How to Create Herbal Infusions & Tinctures

An integral part of every person’s life is his or her connection to the earth. This includes the air breathed, water drank and cleaned in, the home one chooses to live in and the entire environment surrounding home. The concept of independence is an illusion. The Eco system is balanced within and without. Our daily […]

21st Century Herbalists

I have yet to find definitive information relating to the mood effects of cholesterol. But my thinking is this, if cholesterol interferes with healthy functioning, preparing you for a heart attack, then why would the process not affect your mood? Fatigue is one link to heart attacks in women. Cholesterol levels that are high are […]

Cholesterol & mood?