Recovery & Healing

With the financial stress of paying for the holidays, rent, debts, and just feeding yourself the last thing money will go to is seeing a therapist or psychologist. At least for many that do not have insurance to cover the cost. Yet this is where a large chunk goes each month for many. Mental illness […]

Self-Help Resource Development

Reiki written in Japanese
Before I began learning about healing modalities and spiritual paths, I was desperate for a solution that would cure me. Medically and psychologically there is no cure for what ails me. Sadly, the damage is done. Well at least according to the modern medicine way of thinking. In short I was diagnosed with Chronic Posttraumatic […]

What is Reiki?

Becoming a college student may seem easy, transitioning from high school to college does not seem like such a huge deal. However, the pressure on college students is intense for many. Especially when you have other pressures to cope with. Striking a balance is not easy between home and school, throw in a job and […]

Resources for College Students

Depression and Fatigue: A Vicious Cycle. This article explains and answers a few questions regarding the difference between depression and chronic fatigue. Despite the fact they do go hand in hand. Fatigue is a component to depression, especially when insomnia occurs. The brain fog, the difficulty focusing, no energy to do anything. Let me know […]

Depression and Fatigue: A Vicious Cycle

The Emergency & Recovery Resources has a new Suicide Prevention Resource. The article is explanatory and offers further resources for teachers, parents, friends, students, and other professionals on how to identify suicide symptoms and hopefully intervene to prevent it. This resource was brought to me by the mother of a young girl who recently lost […]

Suicide Prevention Resources

Developing a spiritual path is rewarding, though not always easy. The belief that once drugs, alcohol, self-abusive behaviors, and other forms of addictions are removed life becomes easier magically appears. There are many who are convinced that it is the drugs, alcohol, or other substances that is the root of all his or her problems. […]

Ponder This: Beliefs

We can never have enough resources to provide treatment, intervention and prevention of domestic violence. Regretfully we need them. It would be terrific if one day we discovered a cure for violence. That is not going to happen, at least not in our life time. All we can do is continue to heal our own […]

Domestic Violence Resources Added

journal writing
Do you talk to yourself? And the answer is, Yes. I have a personal conversation with myself on a regular basis. You may catch me talking out loud. Someone once said to me as long as you don’t answer yourself you’ll be alright. My retort was, why not? I have some of my best conversations […]

How to Develop a Personal Conversation.

Short post today. As a person who no longer drinks alcohol or uses drugs, do you find the holidays more difficult? Early recovery and sobriety a person is still learning how not to respond to the cravings for drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other self-destructive behaviors. The holidays are a great challenge. Attending family gatherings where […]

Christmas is Coming, Are you Ready?