The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates that of the more than 22 million people who need treatment for a substance abuse issue, only 2.5 million actually receive treatment. Just as there is no one cause of addiction, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Some fare better with inpatient rehab; others, from outpatient […]

Exploring Alternative Treatments for Addiction

I know is a common phrase
 “I Know.”   But do you?  What do you know?   As a substance abuse counselor and lifestyle coach, this is the phrase I hear most often.   I have come to realize that when someone no longer wishes to listen or feels overwhelmed, this is the stop phrase used.   What “I Know” means […]

I know!

Self-medicating for PTSD, Resources for treatment
What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? People often associate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with soldiers and veterans. The truth is, PTSD can affect anyone who has witnessed or suffered a life-threatening or otherwise traumatic event. For this reason, domestic violence and child abuse survivors often suffer from PTSD. There are several options for victims of […]

4 Facts to Know about PTSD and Victims of Domestic ...

Know a veteran in need of help?
The Veteran Population The veteran population is one of the most at-risk for several types of mental illness, many of which go untreated. The various wars our country has been involved with over the past half-century have left many veterans mentally scarred, and understandably. In Vietnam veterans, mental health treatment may be more stigmatized, causing […]

5 Common Mental Health Problems in Veterans

In researching resources for caregivers, another aspect to my life, I came across a forum for caregivers to post their questions and receive support. The majority of the questions posed are in relation to the relationship between parent and child, with the child now being the primary caregiver. A rough transition. There are two sides […]

Caregiving and Recovery

Happy Holidays
May you and your family enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday season. For those who are not fortunate to have homes, plenty to eat, loved ones to share their time with, I send blessings. Say a prayer, if possible help another, do something that no one will know about but you for another human being. […]

Happy Holidays!

I am adding a new resource to the Emergency & Recovery Resources page. Mental Health guide for college students. As a student I can tell you it is important to learn how to not only survive the grueling schedule of collect, family and a job, but to thrive. Jennifer from the Online Colleges resource has […]

College Students & Mental Health

I have added a couple of plug ins to my blog to stop the tedious work of checking spam messages and users against the real deal. How do I know the difference? Spammers comments are jibberish for the most part. Phrases and full paragraphs do not relate to the topic they comment is linked to. […]

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