Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.
Offering insight, information, alternative care and life style coaching with Reiki.


Reiki Master & Spiritual Life Coach
Reiki Master & Spiritual Life Coach 

My name is Connie S Kirkpatrick, an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. I have achieved a Masters of Science in Psychology from Walden University and from ULC in Spiritual Leadership.

As a chemical dependency counselor I worked for nine years with the dual diagnosed (drug/alcohol addiction & mental disorders), parolees & probationers (male & female). One of the endearing qualities for a successful counselor in this field, unlike many others, is his or her own sobriety or abstinence from drugs and alcohol. My sobriety encompasses recovery. To me there is a huge difference in sobriety and recovery.

The first 10 years or so of membership in Alcoholics Anonymous, completing the 12-steps more than a few times, it felt like something was missing. Especially as a sponsor, I felt that there was more to accomplish. Just reading the book, talking about the steps and writing assignments was not enough. Even the steps in the Big Book state action and more action. The next 19 years of my recovery has brought me to the answer of what was missing.

The 11th step of A.A. takes action even farther than the first 10 steps. It is a daily practice, morning and evening. It is rare to find anyone who utilizes these principles. Those that do not find problems are never answered. Patterns repeat.

My spiritual beliefs are of spirit, I have chosen to remain unaffiliated with any denomination. I work within another’s beliefs, not mine. That does not mean I do not question, suggest, or hint at a larger picture of the world.

I utilize many styles of meditation. Each day I take time for me, reading, meditating and journaling are a part of my daily ritual. After 25 years of valiant attempts, that which was an idea is now a habit. Some days have been better than others, but over all every day is filled with blessings.

If I had my life to do all over again there is little I would consider changing. All the pain, torture, nightmares, anger (actually rage), grief, torment, insanity, has brought me to the place I am today. Each unhealthy aspect of my life has improved it. My life has been just what it was suppose to be. Each experience has brought me many rewards, blessings, and healing.

If you wish to learn to recover, I am available as your guide. It won’t always be fun, but it will have many rewards. You have everything to lose, for instance your old way of life. But, you have so much more to gain. There is nothing you cannot do, absolutely nothing.

Contact me today to change the path you are on. To learn more of what I have to offer visit my Services page to learn about the spiritual life coaching and Reiki services I offer.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing in the spirit.

Priestess Connie

PS I chose the title priestess because it is the embodiment of femininity, of being female.  I do not wish to use the familiar titles of Minister, Reverend or Priest, each are a tie to the masculine alone.